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Welcome to Odds To Bet! If you are interested in sports betting and would like to get free sure bets you had a perfect hit. The website is concerning sure bets (also called betting arbitrages) mainly but you may find other useful information here as well. If you have ever been wondering why you can not win against a bookmaker and you always lose at the end – maybe you will find some solutions for your problem.

Free Odds Comparison

Find Sure Bet lets you compare odds of the most popular bookmakers. Bookmaker’s odds on the same event are sometimes different from each other so it is usually profitable to bet on the sport event at the bookmaker which offers the highest odds.

If you take the betting seriously you will have to open a couple of accounts at some various bookmakers (not necessary a very large number of the accounts – you may take a look at the recommended bookmakers list). Then you may check and compare the bookmakers odds and bet only at the highest stakes you have found. Just choose the sport from the menu and then the particular event and you will have a report with compared odds. By betting in this way you have up to 20% greater income than at average odds at a single one bookmaker. There are several most popular bookmakers in this combination and it will be still improving in the future. The advantage is that all bets appear with only a 2-3 minutes delay (except soccer ones) in accordance with the original bookmakers’ sites content. And it is free and will remain free!

Free Sure Bets (Arbitrage betting)

Comparing the odds gives you another interesting option – a sure bet called also an arbitrage bet. If you know exactly what this definition means and you need no additional information about sure bets you will probably would like to look at free sure bets list. You do not have to register anywhere or pay any fees – sure bets are given to you for free! If you need some introduction – have a look at sure bets information. And briefly: playing sure bets is probably the only way to get a real chance to win against bookmakers.

Sure Bet Risks

Sure bet is not always a real 100% chance of the win

Sure bet is really a 100% chance of winning only in a theory. In fact there are some aspects which you should consider about and be always prepared for losing your money. The possible scenarios are:

A mistake by placing the wrong bet

When you are in a hurry (and that happens almost always when you are playing sure bets) it is easy to make a mistake. You try to react quickly and you may click at the wrong event especially when you do not have much experience in betting online. It is good to practice a little before going into the real betting – just try to do some paper betting for two or maybe three weeks. Write the odds and your stakes on the paper and check for the outcomes and the winnings until you are more experienced.

Limit your stake amount

The most important thing is that the bookmaker knows which events make a sure bet. When he notices that you play only sure bets he will start to limit your stake amount – mostly without a warning. This happens usually after a few dozen of bets depending on the bookmaker (pinnacle is said to be the least annoying in this respect). So you may stake an exactly counted amount at one bookmaker and then realize that you can not stake the exact amount at the other bookmaker so you can not play a sure bet. Luckily you can bet at betting exchanges such as betfair which has no limits. So if your sure bet is at a bookmaker and a betting exchange it is good to bet at the bookmaker firstly and then – at the betting exchange.

Different bookmaker’s rules

The bookmakers rules may be different from each other. In case of an abnormal outcome of the event (walkover, changing the playground, fan riots) you may for example loose money at one bookmaker and get the stake back from the other – so it will be the loss on the whole. The advantage however is that you may sometimes win the same event at every bookmaker only thanks to a bookmakers’ rules differences.

Odds changes

The odds are changing all the time and your reaction should be as quick as possible. It means that you may bet at the first bookmaker but in the meanwhile the second bookmaker changed his stakes or even withdraw the event from his offer. In fact you will not encounter this situation very often but you should take this into your consideration.

Obvious bookmaker’s mistake

The bookmaker has made an obvious mistake. If the sure bet’s profit is greater than a few percent (let’s say 4 percent) the bet becomes risky. You should remember that the bookmaker may always said that the bet was a mistake and simply void your bet and returns you the stake. It is wise not to play sure bets with suspicious great profits.

Bookmaker’s reservations

The bookmaker states that the event must not be played as a single bet (it has to be play as a combo – that is in the combination with other events. If you have already made a bet at another bookmaker you may not finish your sure bet because of this restriction. Sure bets are almost always the single ones.

Hardware failures

There is always a little possibility of other risks such as a sudden breakdown of an internet link or a computer – but it is clearly obvious and you realize this for sure.

Sure bet usage

You can use sure bets in many ways.

  • for profit (usually it is the small profit of 1 or 2 percents so you have to bet huge amounts to get a real income)
  • for currency exchange (if you have few accounts at different bookmakers with different currencies). You may for example try to loose your Euro at one bookmaker and instead gain some USD at the other. Remember however that you can not predict for sure which team will win and so which currency you will loose and which you will gain.
  • for bonus circulation. Most bookmakers offer a bonus for new users making a reservation that the user must stake the bonus sum for example for 3 times. It means that when you will gain a bonus of 100 USD you will have to stake 300 USD together until you will be able to withdraw the bonus sum. You may play the sure bets to circulate the bonus sum over and over without a risk and after a couple of bets you may withdraw your bonus. In this case you may also be interested in “almost a sure bet”. If the event is not actually a sure bet but it gives a small loss sometimes it is worth to use this event like a sure bet just to circulate the bonus.
  • for betting at betting markets like betfair only. You do not have to bet at two or more bookmakers at the same time. If there is a sure bet found and one of the max odds comes from betfair you may assume that a betfair punter have probably made a mistake. Can you see the difference? The probability of that a professional bookmaker with many sports analitics and a great experience has made a mistake is much lesser than the probability of an error of the regular punter who puts his bets offer on betfair. So you may bet this event at betfair only as a value bet – you may lose or win this time but you may be expecting to be succesful on the long run.

You may also be interested in “almost a sure bet” when the ‘Factor’ is close to 0 – in the case of the last two options of the above.

Best sports betting systems

There are some the most popular sports betting systems presented – you may choose and try some of them. The list included Martingale System, D`Alembert System, Parlay System, Paroli System, 1-3-2-6 System, Value Bets System and finally a Sure Bets System.

D’Alembert System

D’Alembert system is called after a 18th century French physician Jean le Rond d’Alembert.  This system is based on the basic belief that in the long run two events of approximately equal probability will happen roughly the same number of times. You must add or subtract the established basic unit to the stake depending on the result of previous event. The stake should be decreasing after the winning bet and increasing after the loosing one.

The difference between D’Alembert and Martingale system is that you do not have to double your betting money in the case of lose – so your stakes do not grow so rapidly.


  • You bet 1 USD and you win (the stake remains the same)
  • You bet 1 USD and you lose (the stake increases)
  • You bet 2 USD and you lose (the stake increases)
  • You bet 3 USD and you lose (the stake increases)
  • You bet 4 USD and you win (the stake decreases)
  • You bet 3 USD and you lose (the stake increases)

and so on.

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1-3-2-6 System

1-3-2-6 System is a positive progression system similar to the Paroli System. The main premise of this system is that you may win four times in a row. In the first step you bet 1 unit, in the second – 3 units, in the third – 2 units and finally in the fourth step – 6 units of money. If you lose at any step you start all over again at 1 unit (then 3 units and so on). The odds should be close to 2 and the winning chance of a single event should be close to 50%.


The odds of every event are equal 2.

You bet 1 USD. You win 2 USD.
You bet 3 USD (you have to add 1 USD extra). You win 6 USD.
You bet 2 USD (you take down 4 USD from the betting amount). You win 4 USD.
You bet 6 USD (you have to add 2 USD extra).

It is clear that if you lose the first bet you will lose 1 USD. If you lose your second bet you will lose 2 USD (1 from the first bet and 1 from the second bet). If you lose your third bet you will win 2 USD. If you lose your fourth bet you will be breaking even on the whole.

Parlay System

Parlay System is a positive progression system similar to the Paroli System. It is also known as the “Let It Ride” system. It is one of the oldest and the simplest betting systems. It is based on pyramiding your profit. You use your original stake and your winning profit (or some part of it) to place then next bet with (of course only in the case of winning the first bet).


You bet 1 USD. You win 2 USD.
You bet 2 USD. You win 4 USD.
You bet 4 USD. You win 8 USD.

And so on…

Paroli system

Paroli system explanation

The Paroli system is a system of a positive progression. It is considered to be the opposite of the Martingale strategy and it is called sometimes the Anti-Martingale System. It is based on increasing the stake only in the case of the win.

If you are going to use the Paroli strategy you should think about your overall betting plan. You need to decide exactly how many times you want to win in a row until you start over with your initial bet. It depends on the odds but three winning in a row seems to be a good choice. So – in case of three winnings in a row or the first lose you should restart your betting.

The Paroli Betting Strategy is designed to take advantage of winning streaks. If you are lucky enough you can win more money than in case of flat betting. The Paroli strategy may be appropriate for those players who have a small initial bankroll but – like every betting system – it is not expected to make you a winner in a long run. If you are looking for a betting strategy which is really reliable – have a look at Betting Arbitrage system (also called Sure Bets).

Paroli system example

  • You bet 1 USD and you won.
  • You bet 2 USD and you won.
  • You bet 4 USD and you won.
  • You bet 1 USD and you won.
  • You bet 2 USD and you lost.
  • You bet 1 USD… and so on.

Value Bets System

Value bets system is a special system which you should know about. It is quite simple – after choosing the event and the bet details you choose the right bookmaker to make a bet at. You know that bookmakers offers different odds on the same event – the value bets system consists in the choosing the bookmaker which offers the highest stake on the chosen event.

If you decided to bet on the Dallas Mavericks playing versus New Orleans Hornets and you noticed that Bwin offers 1.60 and Expekt offers 1.70 on Dalas it is not worth to place the bet at Bwin.

The value bets system may be easy combined with many other betting systems.

Martingale System

Martingale system explanation

Martingale system is a betting system of negative progression and consists in doubling the stake in case of the loss. If you stake 1 USD and you will win you can stake another 1 USD on another event. If you stake 1 USD and you will lose you should stake 2 USD on another event. If you will lose again you bet 4 USD and so over – until you will have finally won. Then you are returning to your basic stake – 1 USD.

The Martingale system seems to be a really good one but it has wrong assumptions. You must have unlimited money and the stakes must be unlimited too. It is obvious that it can not be fulfilled. In simple words if you are using the Martingale system you will be often winning small amounts of money but when you lose one time – you will lose a great amount.

I think that the Martingale system would be interesting combined with some other systems (like finding a value bets). The income from winning these bets is higher so the whole system may be working better. The Martingale system may be appropriate for those players who have a small initial bankroll. Remember however that this strategy is not expected to give you an income in a long run. If you are looking for a more reliable betting system – take a look at the Betting Arbitrage system.

Martingale system example

Let’s assume that the chance of winning every event is 50% and the bookmaker’s odds is 2.00 and you will win after 6 rounds (it is quite a bad luck – the probability of not winning in five rounds equals 1/32 = 0.03125. But remember – it still happens!). It means that you had to bet 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 USD = 63 USD. Your last stake (the winning one) was 32 USD. The odds is 2.00 so you win 64 USD (one dollar more than you had to stake). Looks great? Imagine however what would be if you lost six times in a row and you no longer have money. You will be very dissatisfied with Martingale system.

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Make Money with a sure bet

I can not promise that you will be winning great amounts of money by using sure bets. I can’t even promise that this system will help you to win anything but I will try to present you some betting tools and say what I know about them.

If you have any propositions or questions or you have found an error (maybe lingual) – feel free to write me via the contact page.

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